100 Days Of Obstruction: Dems Unhinged Anger Towards President Trump

100 Days Of Obstruction: Dems Unhinged Anger Towards President Trump
After Losing The Presidency, Democrats Fuel Protests, Stomp Feet, & Shout Nasty Rhetoric

Top Takeaways:

  • Democrats have pledged to “resist” the Trump Administration at every moment, fueling nasty political discourse and hurting efforts at bipartisanship.
  • This negative political discourse toward the Trump Administration has caused the left to forcefully act out in opposition to the new administration.
  • Some Democrats have gone as far as to call for the impeachment of the President, and have shown that they will never validate the new administration as legitimate.

Some Democrats refused to even participate in the peaceful transition of the Presidency

  • Some Democrats Refused To Attend President Trump’s Inauguration, Sending A Message Of “Resistance At The Outset Of Trump’s Presidency.”
  • CBS News : “A Total Of 62 Congressional Democrats Have Announced They Will Not Be Attending The Inauguration — As A Protest Against The President-Elect Or In Support Of Lewis.”

Democrats have fueled a “Resist” movement

  • Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Minority Leader Of The House Of Representatives: “Where We Can Engage, We Certainly Will…We Must Stand Our Ground. We Must Resist.”
  • Tom Perez, DNC Chair: “…We Will All Be Able To Say: The United Democratic Party Led The Resistance, Ensuring That This President Was A One-Term President And
    [That We] Elected Democrats Across This Country…”
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT): “Taking On Trump Is Going To Require, In My View Both A Defensive Approach And An Offensive Approach.”
  • Hillary Clinton: “Let’s Not Be Distracted. Let’s Continue To Stand Up, Organize, Resist, Put Forth Good Ideas To Improve The Existing System & Peoples’ Lives.”
  • Members Of The Left Couldn’t Fathom How President Trump Won The Presidency So “On Inauguration Day – Jan. 20 – 230 People Were Arrested And Charged With Felony Rioting.”
  • Members Of The Democrat Establishment Have Formed “Activist” Groups: “Far From Sulking, OFA Activists Helped Organize Anti-Trump Marches Across US Cities, Some Of Which Turned Into Riots.”
  • Indivisible Resistance Movement: “Together We Have The Power To Resist, And We Have The Power To Win.”

Democrats Even Discussed the Impeachment of President Trump

  • Democrats Look For Reasons To Impeach President Trump Not Even 100 Days Into Presidency
  • Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA): “Get Ready For Impeachment.”
  • Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) On Impeachment Possibilities: “Trump’s Actions So Far ‘Legitimately Raise The Question Of Impeachment.'”
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) On Impeachment Possibilities: “When And If He Breaks The Law, That Is When Something Like That Would Come Up…”
  • Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) On Impeachment Possibilities: “‘…Try To Get This Administration To Function Like Any Other Administration In The Past…Clearly, One Of Those Remedies Is The Power Of Impeachment.'”

Democrats continue to use nasty rhetoric against President Trump

  • Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA): “‘President’ @realDonaldTrump: You Truly Are An Evil Man. Your Job Is To Help Americans. Not Intentionally Try To Destroy Their Lives.”
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): “Calling On Donald Trump For Help Is Like, If Your House Is On Fire, Calling An Arsonist To Come Help Out.”
  • Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA): “Ignore His Sideshow Meltdown. Trump Is A LIAR Who’ll Say & Do Anything To Distract From Questions About His #KremlinKlan Ties To Russia.”
  • Elizabeth Warren Even Recently Compared President Trump To North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un

Democrats “Resist” movement is harming the function of government

  • Senate Democrats “Vow[ed] To Stall” The Cabinet Nomination Process.
  • CNN: “All Ten Democrats On The Senate Committee Tasked With Considering President Donald Trump’s Pick To Lead The Environmental Protection Agency Boycotted The Meeting To Vote On Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.”
  • Democrats Committed To Slow-Walking Trump’s Nominees And Asked For Two Days Of Hearings For Select Cabinet Nominees, And To Hold The Confirmation Hearings Of Just Two Nominees A Week.
  • The Plan Was “An Unprecedented Break With Senate Tradition.”
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