Dangerously Unserious

Last night President Obama addressed the nation

The President wanted to calm the country’s fears, but he got it wrong, there is no “fear” sweeping the country.

The only thing Americans are afraid of is that the President and Hillary Clinton are utterly unable to grasp the nature and the reality of the threat.

Dangerously unserious

Obama and Hillary have…

…called ISIS the JV team
…let our enemies cross “red lines”
…pushed a “reset button” granting Putin increased global power
…blamed the Syrian migration crisis on a drought that ended 6 years ago
…signed a treaty giving Iran nuclear weapons in 10 years
…claimed ISIS was contained
…spun the fairytale that global warming is to blame for their foreign policy failures
…watched as France and Russia responded decisively to ISIS
…opposed upgraded screening of Syrian refugees to weed out ISIS terrorists
…proposed more gun control in response to Islamic terrorism here at home

Dangerously, Obama and Hillary continue to defend their failing strategy in the Middle East. And they can’t name a single new gun law that would have prevented the San Bernardino attack.

For the good of our country, we need to Stop Hillary!

We can’t afford any more of Hillary’s failures. Contribute today so we can stop her dangerous agenda from continuing.

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