Dem Chair Kicks Out Anyone Who Isn’t Pro-Abortion

As if Democrats Couldn’t Get More Extreme, Perez kicks out anyone who isn’t pro-abortion

Support abortion or get out!

Democrat national Chairman Tom Perez laid down the  law.  He said if you don’t support abortion all the way, you’re not welcome in the Democrat Party.

Tim Walz, Rick Nolan, what do you say?

This is not fake news 

No joke, this is how extreme Democrats have become.

Read the report here.

And Democrat candidates have no choice

Tim Walz, Rick Nolan, and all the Democrat candidates for Governor will have to toe the progressive line. 

The radical progressives have taken over the Democrat Party, and their candidate will have no choice but to support abortion on demand.

And if you are a pro-life Democrat, get out! 


Contact Tim Walz. Contact Rick Nolan. Ask them where they stand!


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