This Time Give It Back!

This Time Give It Back!

SC-Family-Budgets-First-SquareOfficial state budget forecast shows another surplus of $1.8 billion

Democrats love the fact that the state is overcharging taxpayers and can’t wait to spend the excess money.

They should have given back the $2 billion surplus from last session, but Democrats rejected the Republican tax relief bill. Over half of the surplus was then spent and the rest was stockpiled to spend later (i.e. now).

Now the surplus is back up to $1.8 billion, $1.2 billion after mandatory allocations to reserves, and once again Democrats think it’s theirs to spend.

On top of that there’s a $2 billion surplus in the NEXT budget

Minnesota Management and Budget reports that these budget surpluses are structural, in other words the state will continue to take in more money than it is scheduled to spend. That’s right, a $1.8 billion overcharge now, $800 per taxpayer, and another $2 billion overcharge after that!

We know for certain what the Democrats will do with your money…

Rather than return the money to help families meet their budgets and businesses grow jobs, Democrats are on a tax and spend frenzy. 

A $2 billion tax increase; double digit spending growth; a $90 Million office building; pay increases for themselves and their appointees; $300 million including bonuses wasted on MNsure. Amazingly, many Democrats are still fighting for a gas tax increase, rather than pass the Republican transportation funding bill without it.

Let’s put family budgets first and give it back!

Democrats have it backwards. Working families aren’t seeing double digit increases like the state is. This surplus belongs back in the pockets of hardworking Minnesotans. 

Let’s do the right thing, the fair thing, for families and businesses and our economy in Minnesota. Let’s give the surplus back to the people!

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