President Trump’s 100 Days Of Streamlining Government

President Trump’s 100 Days Of Streamlining Government

During President Trump’s First 100 Days He Has Worked Tirelessly To Roll Back Excessive Government Regulations & Red Tape

Top Takeaways:

  • Since taking the oath of office, President Trump has taken aggressive steps to focus his presidency on rolling back excessive government regulations and red tape.
  • So far, President Trump has made great strides in removing excess regulations imposed by the previous administration.
  • President Trump has already put into motion steps to cut red tape on energy producers, the auto industry, small businesses, and the health care industry, among others.

The Trump Administration acted immediately to clean up government regulations

  • On His First Day In Office, President Trump Issued A Presidential Memorandum Ordering A “Regulatory Freeze.”
  • President Trump Attacked Excess Regulations Head On By Signing An Executive Order That Would “Cut Two Existing Regulations For Every New Regulation.”
  • President Trump Signed A New Executive Order That Will Begin A “Regulatory Reform Task Force.”

The Trump Administration already moved forward on plans to replace Obama-era excessive environmental regulations

  • President Trump Continued To Enforce His Regulation Roll-Back By Signing An Executive Order That Would “Dismantle The Clean Power Plan” From The Obama-Era.
  • The Democratic Coalition CoalBlue, Along With Hundreds Of Democratic Officeholders, And State, Local And Party Officials From 32 States, Sent President Obama A Letter Outlining The “Serious And Overriding Concerns” In His Clean Power Plan.
  • Many Democrats Originally Were Against The Clean Power Plan And Alerted President Obama To Their Concerns.
  • Based On EPA Data, The American Action Forum Estimated The Obama Administration’s Finalized Regulations On Carbon Emissions Would Have Closed 66 Power Plants, Eliminated 125,800 Coal Jobs, And Cut The Coal Industry In Half.
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: “We Can Be Both Pro-Jobs And Pro-Environment. And The Executive Order Will Address The Past Administration’s Efforts To Kill Jobs Across This Country Through The Clean Power Plan.
  • Paul Bailey, President And CEO Of The American Coalition For Clean Coal Electricity: “The Clean Power Plan Is The Poster Child For Regulations That Are Unnecessarily Expensive And Would Have No Meaningful Environmental Benefit.

The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Obama-Era Regulations On The Energy Industry And Farmers

  • President Trump Signed An Executive Order That Would End The “Stream Protection Rule.”
  • In Signing An Executive Order To Review And Then Rescind The “Waters Of The United States” Rule, President Trump Said It Is “Prohibiting Them
    [Farmers, Ranchers & Agricultural Workers] From Being Allowed To Do What They’re Supposed To Be Doing:”
  • The Waters Of The United States Rule Has Received Bipartisan Opposition.
  • A Representative Of The National Association Of Homebuilders Explained How WOTUS Hurts Developers With Expensive Permits.
  • On February 14, 2017, President Trump Signed Into Law House Joint Resolution 41, A Bill “Eliminating A Costly Regulation That Threatened To Put Domestic Extraction Companies And Their Employees At An Unfair Disadvantage.”
  • In His First Week In Office, The President Signed An Executive Memorandum Initiating The Process To Begin Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline.

President Trump has focused in on the beginning steps of repealing and replacing Obamacare

  • CNN : “Within Hours Of Taking The Oath Of Office, President Donald Trump On Friday Night Signed An Executive Order Aimed At Trying To Fulfill One Of His Most Impassioned Campaign Promises: Rolling Back Obamacare.”
  • NPR : “Trump’s Order Also Pushes One Of His Favorite Health Care Ideas – To Allow Insurance Companies To Sell Policies Across State Lines…’With The Goal Of Achieving And Preserving Maximum Options For Patients And Consumers.'”
  • Senator John Barrasso (R-WY): “This Action Demonstrates That President Trump Is Committed To Fixing The Damage Caused By Obamacare As Soon As Possible.”

The Trump Administration has placed an emphasis on removing regulations on the automobile industry

  • President Trump’s EPA And The Department Of Transportation Announced They Would “Revisit The Previous Administration’s Rule That Finalized Standards To Increase Fuel Economy To The Equivalent Of 54.5 mpg For Cars & Light-Duty Trucks By Model Year 2025.”
  • President Trump: “The Assault On The American Auto Industry Is Over, Believe Me, It’s Over.”
  • Manufacturers Were Struggling With These CAFE Standards Because “Higher CAFE Standards Will Require Automakers To Adopt Technologies That Are More Expensive For Car Buyers, Such As Electric Vehicles That, Despite Their Promise, Are Still Expensive For The Average Shopper.”
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