“After weeks of wasting countless hours, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have decided to continue the circus in Washington and move forward with their sham impeachment attempts. It is disappointing that Democrats continue to ignore the will of the voters through their desperate attempts to overturn the 2016 election and defeat President Trump. It is time for Reps. Angie Craig, Dean Phillips, and Collin Peterson to urge Pelosi to allow Congress to move past these baseless attacks on the President and turn their efforts to securing the border and passing the USMCA – two things Americans across this country support.”

For Immediate Release
December 5, 2019
Contact: Becky Alery
[email protected]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released the following statement regarding Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that Democrats plan to move forward with impeachment proceedings