“Today Senator Tina Smith proved yet again how out of touch she is with rural Minnesota and the agricultural sector, which is so vital to our state.

“While farmers are dealing with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Tim Walz’s heavy-handed response to the virus, Tina Smith has been tone-deaf to the concerns and needs of farmers wanting new markets and fewer regulations; instead she champions more handouts and restrictions.

“The timing of Smith’s marijuana announcement was not an accident. She’s trying to appeal to farmers, which sadly shows how out of touch she is. Farmers want solutions; not some political stunt that distracts from the vibrancy of their businesses.

“When in Congress Jason Lewis did the heavy lifting on USMCA, and now, Tina Smith is trying to steal the credit of work she did not do. When her leadership was needed on USMCA she was nowhere to be found.

“Jason Lewis is a proven fighter for farmers and rural Minnesota. The only way Tina Smith will leave the metro is if she’s sitting in front of her laptop.”


For Immediate Release
August 4, 2020
Contact: Jack Tomczak
[email protected]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released the following statement on the virtual United States Senate Forum at FarmFest 2020