“Earlier today, the Republican Party of Minnesota filed a complaint with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office related to a violation of Minnesota law by the Noel Collis for Congress campaign in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District; for illegally using automatic dialing-announcing devices to make “robo-calls” to Republican voters in advance of Tuesday’s August 11th primary election.”

“The recipients of these calls had not knowingly or voluntarily requested, consented to, permitted, or authorized receipt of the message, nor were the messages immediately preceded by a live operator who obtained the subscriber’s consent before the message was delivered. Additionally, these calls engaged in a single ring with an attempt to push straight to voicemail.”

“The prohibition on robo-calling in Minnesota state law is very clearly outlined in Minnesota Statute 325E.27.”

“Noel Collis is also nearly three months late in filing his financial disclosure documents.  While Collis proclaims to be self-funding his campaign to not be beholden to donors; he is not compliant with the Financial Disclosure Statement (required of all federal candidates). According to his last report he raised $754,591 with $695,000 being a self-loan.”