“For months, we have sat helplessly and watched violent protests and our cities burn to the ground. Tonight, our state is once again faced with more chaos and looting in Downtown Minneapolis.  Places we love like Brit’s, Haskell’s, and Target are destroyed. This dangerous new normal in Minnesota and around the country is due to horrible leadership by our failed leaders, specifically Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.  Instead of protecting us, they are letting violence, hate, and destruction continue as they sit by and do nothing.

“This continued discord has been allowed for far too long. We need real men and women to stand up and fight for our communities and cities.  Enough is enough. When will Mayor Frey and Governor Walz admit their failures, look in the mirror and quit letting our streets be overrun?”

For Immediate Release
August 26, 2020
Contact: Jack Tomczak
[email protected]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released the following statement