“Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson campaigned with Joe Biden today in hopes it would bolster his chances to hold his seat on November 3rd.

“Rep. Peterson pretends to be a moderate when he’s in Minnesota but when he’s in DC he votes for the same liberal ideas and the same liberal leadership that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar votes for. Now Peterson is standing firmly behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ radical and extreme ideas.

“If Collin Peterson gets his wish and Joe Biden becomes the president, his $93 trillion Green New Deal will destroy agriculture in Minnesota. Biden wants to tax and regulate the life out of rural Minnesota and his liberal friends, Collin Peterson and Nancy Pelosi want to help him do that.

“By campaigning for Joe Biden and his far-left agenda Rep. Peterson is showing us how out of touch he has become in his 30 years in Washington.”

For Immediate Release
August 28, 2020
Contact: Jack Tomczak
[email protected]