“The CAAL Press Release denouncing my chairmanship and position as the lead Republican in the State of Minnesota is a disheartening reverse racial smear campaign that is not only insulting, but uncalled for and below board.  I will never apologize for believing in the American Dream and the freedom that our country was founded on.

“The organization’s participating in this press release should be ashamed of these public pressure tactics to try and intimidate me to fit into a ‘mold’ of what they believe constitutes a ‘good Asian.’ That is blatant bigotry.

“Asian Americans came here in search of a nation that allows them to flourish and reach their highest potential without the threat of government interference.  Many fled Communist regimes where they were shot at in the dark of night, trying to make it to safety – including my brother-in-law’s parents who fled Laos during that country’s war.  Our community and party have consistently supported all Asian Americans to achieve this reality and I will continue to fight for us every day of my life.

“Perhaps these organizations should step up to the plate, work together with folks like me to deliver positive change to our communities, and quit spending their time hating on our duly elected President of the United States of America and one of their own fellow Asian Americans who is trying to deliver broad based changes to help everyone; no matter their background or political affiliation.

“I experienced intense racism growing up in Minnesota so much so that I hated this state when I was a child and prayed to God every night to make me look different.  I will not tolerate ever being called a racist, accused of racism or perpetuating racism.  I will also not tolerate reverse racism towards me by people with a shared background because I am a strong supporter of our President and a loyal and lifelong Republican.”

For Immediate Release
September 6, 2020
Contact: Jack Tomczak
[email protected]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released the following statement