The intention of this letter is to reiterate the determination made by the Republican Party of
Minnesota’s State Executive Committee on August 24th that the call issued for a meeting of the State Central Committee on Monday, August 30th is not valid.
This determination was made for the following reasons:

1. Article II, Section 2 of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s bylaws require notice to delegates of at least ten days for a State Central meeting. This would require that the call be issued by 6:00 PM on Friday, August 20th. As it turns out, the calls were clearly issued several hours after this time. Furthermore, many individuals (including an Executive Committee member) stated that they never received a meeting call.
2. Since the issuance of the call, twenty-two (of the original sixty-six) delegates calling for the meeting have rescinded their calls in writing, many claiming that they did not understand that by providing their name they were actually calling for a State Central meeting. This resulted in an insufficient number of delegates (44) calling for the meeting to reach the required threshold of 15% of the State Central delegates (50).

Despite this determination, I and several other Executive Committee members will be attending the August 30th event in Waconia. We understand that this is not an official State Central Committee meeting and that no motions will be considered to be in order at any point during this event (including for acceptance of any reports). We understand that the agenda for the event will be as follows:

1. Officer Reports (of those that are present)
2. State Executive Committee Report
3. Presentation of information of processes to prepare for the State Central Committee meeting to
be held no later than October 3, 2021
4. Question and Answer Period
5. Party Officer candidate speeches (3 minutes each)

If needed by the event organizers I am available to emcee during these agenda items.
I look forward to a productive discussion on Monday, and to the election of a new Republican Party of Minnesota Chair on October 2nd.

Thank you,

Carleton Crawford
Deputy Chair, Republican Party of Minnesota